About Us Mission Vision


Moving the world forward as the leading provider of innovative logistics and material handling solutions.

Mission Statement

Customer Perspective

Fulfill needs and reduce costs Add value and quality

Dealership Perspective

Build long-term relationships and prosperity Foster mutual teamwork and communications

Leadership Perspective

Continual improvement and develop strengths Pursue business growth opportunities continuously

Core Values

Customer-centric (Service)

Listen carefully to understand and respond with urgency through effective communications (both internally and externally), be adaptive and flexible in problem solving in this ever changing environment.

Integrity and Accountability (in our standard)

We are honest, ethical and assume responsibilities for our actions and not afraid to learn from mistakes.

(Create) Business sustainability and innovation

We do continuous business improvements to sustain our business proportion (long-term) and value add with our participation, consistent with our company missions, values and vision.

Empowerment and Teamwork

Each one of us take initiative, lead responsibly and as a team (with our stake holders), coordinate and cooperate effectively to create positive climate and innovation and quality environment for all.